Why American Socialization is Important to Accent Reduction and English Pronunciation

English pronunciation and accent reduction helped by socializing and pronunciationproBy being around a diverse group of other college attendees, Chinese students are able to pick up on American socialization, learn how to reduce non-native accents, and perfect their American English speaking skills. Ken Chen, a partner at L.E.K.’s Shanghai office in charge of recruiting states, “We hire Chinese students from the U.S. because their English is better, and what I want out of it is a more mature person who is better socially.”

Students that don’t participate in classroom discussions, or socialize on the weekend, are less likely to improve American English accent, and therefore leave room for communication shortcomings, and more tragically, prevent college graduates from obtaining a career right away, despite their diploma—all due to something that is easily fixable with accent reduction courses and interaction with others.

University of North Carolina communications graduate Jocelyn Jia admits, “If you just come to America to study and only hang out with Chinese people, all you bring with you back to China is the diploma, it’s a piece of paper, that’s it.”

For students where Integration is not as easy as it seems, working on accent reduction can be done online with trained pronunciation professionals, to help where socializing outside of the classroom does not. Since strong communication skills in English are the number one desirable trait among employers, improving one’s ability to speak English fluently is a powerful and necessary trait that goes perfectly with an American university degree.

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