TOEFL is Critical for Educational Future of Nonnative Students

practice for TOEFL exam with accent reduction classes online improve your English pronunciationStudents around the world are making their college plans, with many of them hopeful to be studying in the United States this Fall. Having an American made college education is proving to be a hot commodity for many students who hope to apply their knowledge in their native countries after graduation. Beyond scholarships and financial aid however, the main concern worrying students about their educational futures abroad is the TOEFL exam.

There’s a lot of thirst from students hoping to add a U.S. based education to their resumes, as the middle class continues to grow dramatically in many countries with new jobs being created at an unmeasurable rate. Grades and being smart unfortunately is no longer enough to secure students a spot in an American University on their own. Learning English is a requirement for students hoping to study abroad in America, a requirement that many students are unable to learn in time. In Cambodia for example, several students showed interest in applying for a full-ride scholarship to Pepperdine University’s School of Public Policy, but none were able to make the deadline to take the standardized English-language test, which is only offered twice a year.

Planning for the TOEFL exam in advance is important, not only to secure a sign up time, but to provide enough time for students to take and pass the exam if they require one or more attempts before passing. While fees vary by country, there are a variety of fees associated with the TOEFL exam, including a late registration fee of $35 and a rescheduling charge of $60 USD, which add up quickly and draw attention to passing the exam in as little amount of attempts as possible.

While there are a variety of books and self-help programs available for students to use at their disposal, one of the best ways of studying for the TOEFL exam is by working with trained speech pathologists online in specialty made TOEFL Training classes. Pronunciation Pro offers the TOEFL speaking prep package that helps non-native English speakers work on their accent in order to pass the speaking section of the TOEFL exam. Complete with a full accent assessment, a 12-week video training program, weekly feedback and training towards passing the TOEFL exam from your own personal trainer and a one year membership to the Pronunciation Pro website and all of its resources, students can have a variety of online help available 24/7 to help them best prepare for the test.


The TOEFL exam should not hold students back from their dream education in America, but rather enable students to feel confident in their knowledge and communication skills before moving abroad. If you dream of studying in the United States, get a head start on studying for your TOEFL exam by starting a free 7-day trial with Pronunciation Pro.