Learning English Pronunciation from a Trained Speech Pathologist Vs. Learning English Pronunciation from Free Software and ESL Apps

free language apps pronunciation help for ESL learners

Is there a quality learning app for pronunciation? Not one that can replace a human speech pathology coach!

It’s a fast paced world today, and everything imaginable is popping up in the form of an app. These software applications people can use on their phones, tablets, and other handheld devices allow awesome flexibility and ease of use. But what do they offer in terms of actual value, especially apps for learning and educating? Is there a place in the world of speech therapy, pronunciation, or accent reduction for apps and learning software?

The jury is still out on apps for teaching and free software for learning anything, but the camps are already well formed. While many people say they couldn’t live without their apps, others strongly suggest there’s no replacement for a proper classroom environment or live instruction.

There are apps for language instruction, but none that have been properly vetted by any education or learning institution. And while it may be true that an app can give you great directions, help you track weight loss, or tell you where the nearest Italian restaurant is, it’s yet to be seen how well educational apps are for long term learning of completely new material comes in.

Learning how to reduce your accent in English with an app is surely not a match for online accent reduction classes taught by a speech pathologist who offers one-on-one teaching time to ESL students.

Tell us what you think—have you had an experience with a learning app? Did you feel a free pronunciation app helped you with reducing your accent or improving your English fluency?