How to Improve Your English Pronunciation Skills

English pronunciation practice and accent reduction classes onlineKnowing how to speak English clearly and confidently is the key that unlocks your potential in every arena of your life. Everyone wants to be able to speak English like an American, but English pronunciation is usually a challenge for ESL learners. For many foreign-born professionals and students, English pronunciation is not on par with their American counterparts, even though they are well-versed in using advanced terminology specific to very niched industries and professions.

Many non-native English speakers can use words and language structure in a manner that is comprehendible  to most, but the issues begin to arise with English intonation and rhythm, which are essential to excellent English pronunciation.

When people can understand you more readily, they won’t have to struggle asking you to repeat yourself, and you won’t have to struggle or feel embarrassed that your pronunciation is holding you back in a crowd or during a presentation. In the most honest terms, people will be more willing to listen to you if they don’t have to work so hard to understand you.

So how do you speak English clearly and confidently? One thing we know is that trying to teach pronunciation to yourself does not work. New evidence also suggests that free apps to learn pronunciation are not effective. There is something to be said for learning English from native speakers around you, but without the specific practices and exercises to improve English pronunciation offered by a well rounded accent reduction program that is managed by a professional speech pathologist, your efforts would only be half of what your potential in English really is.

A professional speech pathologist sounds expensive, but it’s not! With, you’ll get access to a live accent reduction coach who is a native English speaker, and who, yes, is a certified speech pathologist. All for less than $20 a month!