ESL Teachers: Teach English Pronunciation to Your ESL Students this Year!

ESL teachers and pronunciation new school year teach accent reduction

A new year, a new road to better ways of complete English learning taught by ESL teachers with the help of!

September marks the beginning of a new school year for many, a challenging yet rewarding new road for ESL teachers who work with non-native English students.

Teaching ESL or ESOL comes with difficulties, as language teaching practice often assumes that most of the difficulties that learners face in learning English arise from the degree in which their native language differs from English. While teaching grammar and vocabulary to students stays relatively the same, teaching accent reduction to perfect English pronunciation can be difficult, due to the variety of language backgrounds students come from.

Qualified ESL and ESOL teachers often try to implement new teaching strategies for students to get the most out of the classroom time, and that’s where Speech Pathologists can help. While ESL instructors have the specialty to teach non-native English students how to learn the new language, speech language pathologists can help students gain the skills and confidence to speak up and carry a conversation speaking English like an American.

Allowing students to work with Pronunciation Pro in a 12-week accent reduction and pronunciation training program, students can have access to videos and worksheets specifically aimed at individual accent reduction that can be a great supplement to the classroom setting.

This school year, combining the in-classroom teaching with a one-on-one online pronunciation program allows students to become well rounded in all aspects of English fluency no matter their language backgrounds or the challenges that arise from student to teacher ratios in the classroom.

Allow students to reach their maximum potential. Students can get started with Pronunciation Pro online courses for a low subscription fee of $19.97 per month per student.