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correct word stress in English pronunciation pro webinar

Pronunciation Pro Webinar: Correct Word Stress in English

Just as you know where to stress a word in your native language without any guidance or help from the time you begin to speak, so do native American English speakers with their American accents. True, a Texan may say something differently than a New Yorker, but where stress is placed on a word is generally the same across the United States.

Correct Word Stress in American English Pronunciation is likely the most important thing you will take away from any accent reduction course online or elsewhere. It is literally what makes your spoken English intelligible, and what will keep you from having to repeat yourself.

For example, when you are speaking with correct word stress in American English, you will begin to naturally use the American phonetic system rather than the system from your native language. Take the word “table” in English. Someone from Cuba, trying to pronounce this word for the first time would likely pronounce it “ta-blay.” For the word “orange” the same Cuban trying for the first time would likely pronounce the word “or-an-hay.” This is simply because even though we know intellectually that we are learning a new language, the stress and pronunciation from our first learned language follow us into this pursuit.

The good news is that it’s only a matter of kicking the habit, and doing so generally only means practicing until your brain gets the message. But having a tool to help reduce your accent and a method for learning correct word stress in English is certainly something that will make your journey to proper English pronunciation a faster and less stressful one.

Join Pronunciation Pro for a webinar all about Correct Word Stress in American English Pronunciation at 8AM Mountain Standard Time this Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013. You can sign up by clicking here or visiting the Pronunciation Pro Facebook page anytime. If you miss the time and date, inbox our Facebook page for details on other FREE pronunciation help and accent reduction class free trials from Pronunciation Pro.

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