Affordable Pronunciation Classes: Dean’s Award for Foreign Students

accent reduction and TOEFL help for college students

Use a Dean’s Award to make pronunciation and accent reduction classes affordable!

With universities relying on international students attending their campuses, now is the perfect time for international student hopefuls to apply—and the Dean’s Award makes it possible for them to pay for classes, including online pronunciation courses!

International student enrollment has grown across the nation since 2005, mostly from Asian countries. Many international students believe that American universities make a better impression on US employers than schools in their native countries, and it also helps them avoid having to pass post-university exams to legitimize their non-native diploma.

With the odds of getting into an American university favorable for international students right now, this is a great time for non-native English speakers to apply. Using the Dean’s award to afford pronunciation classes and help with accent reduction online helps to complete English fluency and improve spoken English.

Working with a Speech Pathologist specializing in accent reduction, student hopefuls can learn how to speak English like an American and perfect their English pronunciation to pass the TOEFL exam and successfully apply to learn in an American university. Once admitted, international students can use their Dean’s Award fund to work on their accent reduction online, to better their chances of landing their career after graduating.

With the funding available, now is the best time to work on English pronunciation for students especially. Pronunciation Pro offers online pronunciation courses that work with student’s busy schedules and make the content available for viewing 24/7.

Ready to learn more about how to pass the TOEFL spoken exam? No problem, Pronunciation Pro offers that too. It’s all part of what you’ll get when you sign up for your free trial today!