English Pronunciation and Accent Reduction: What We Can Learn From My Fair Lady!

improve your American English accent with pronunciation pro My Fair LadyThere’s a lot to be learned about English pronunciation and accent reduction from the fair lady, Eliza Doolittle, and her accent reduction coach Professor Henry Higgins.

As the story goes, Higgins makes a bet with his buddy, Colonel Pickering that he can turn the unwitting street urchin, Eliza, into a high society socialite in a mere six months time. He works tirelessly with Eliza to reduce her cockney accent to make her sound like a proper lady of the times, and in the end, he is a smash success, and wins his bet with Pickering.

At PronunciationPro.com, speech pathologist and accent reduction coach Annie Ruden offers to non-native English speakers the same kind of English pronunciation help—but Ruden gets it done in HALF the time it took Henry Higgins!

How is this possible? How can you begin to speak English like an American in just 12 weeks? Well, our old friend Higgins and his protegé Eliza didn’t have access to the Internet, and they surely weren’t able to interface using MP3 recordings, live webinar training, and live feedback from a certified American English trainer based on unique recordings from each student. Perhaps if Higgins had this kind of access, he would have taken up English pronunciation training as his full-time job!

But the essentials of Professor Higgins’ approach is not unlike what Pronunciation Pro uses today: the use of intonation training, working on the rhythm of spoken English, phonetics, and other accent reduction exercises are what made Professor Higgins successful, and this is exactly the framework that Pronunciation Pro uses as well—but with the added benefit of taking less time, working at your own pace on your free time, and at an unbeatable price that begins with a 7-day free trial.

Interested in reducing your accent in spoken English? Check out PronunciationPro.com’s $19 monthly subscription and read through the FAQs and testimonials to see how you too can enjoy the benefits of a 50-75% reduction in your foreign accent in English. It’s simple, builds confidence, and you’ll do it in half the time Eliza Doolittle did!

English Pronunciation and Siri: Is it Just Me?

As with all technology, the Siri application on an iPhone is not without its glitches. In fact, in its first incarnation, many native American English speakers had problems of their own trying to get their new friend Siri to understand what they were saying. When asking Siri where the nearest Deli was, people were winding up with Apple Maps directions to New Delhi. The frustration was enough to get engineers at Apple back into the lab to fix a number of issues–how Siri hears inflection and pronunciation, and how “she” learns the speaking patterns of the individual using the phone the most.

siri and esl iphone users

Is this happening to you?

But one group of people still feel a little left out–those among us who speak English as a second language may have an accent too thick for Siri to work through. Try though you may, and as hard as Siri may work, if you’re using this Apple application in English because you’re making every effort to assimilate into American culture, you may be more frustrated than the average Apple product user.

So what can you do about it? How about working on your American English accent to improve your results with Siri? After all, there’s nothing worse than spending hundreds of dollars on something you can’t use. If you feel like your iPhone’s Siri application is collecting dust because you gave up, dust yourself off and try again. Take an online course in accent reduction to improve how well Siri can understand your English. You’ll find in most cases that practicing your American English accent will also help you in the workplace, among new American friends, at school, and in so many other ways.

“Siri, where can I go to work on my American English accent?”

Response from Siri: “Why don’t you try a free trial from PronunciationPro.com? It lasts one whole week and you’ll be on the road to being understood without having to repeat yourself.”

“Thanks Siri! :)”