How Can I Improve My Pronunciation With People From Other Cultures?

how can I learn to pronounce English wellAs the saying goes, practice makes perfect. If you are wondering how to improve your American English pronunciation, practicing speaking English like an American should be one of your first priorities. While practicing speaking in a different accent can make some self-conscious, working with other cultural groups can help both you and your peers with potentially opposing strengths and weaknesses.

There are a few benefits to hanging out with other cultural groups with regard to pronunciation help. Given that other cultural groups that are non-natives are learning American English as well, you can practice speaking with an American accent with them, hopefully more comfortably than with strangers. Working with other cultural groups can help you pick up on words that your friends may not be pronouncing correctly and allow you to point that out to them in kind. Likewise, while many native English speakers may feel it would be rude to point out areas of growth to you, your friends from other cultural groups may be perfectly fine mentioning a word or phrase that could use extra attention. By practicing speaking in an American accent with other cultural groups, you can possibly feel more comfortable working on your pronunciation, and gain great study partners.

While there are benefits to working with other cultural groups to improve your pronunciation, there is one key drawback as well. When it comes to learning a new accent, how you learn the pronunciation from the beginning can often influence how you continue to speak those words down the line, as repetition forms a habit. Without a proper guideline to ensure that you and your peers are learning pronunciation properly, errors in pronunciation can form and can be hard to break away from later on. Working with a program to help ensure that you and your peers are learning American English pronunciation correctly can be a great way to have the extra help you need, while retaining your schedule with your study peers. Having additional help online as well can be a great option, to ensure that you can keep on track with your pronunciation goals and can hold yourself accountable to your timeframe in the off chance you’re unable to meet with your other peers for a variety of reasons.

Choosing to apply yourself towards learning correct American English pronunciation is a great, and reasonable goal to have that can be accomplished with time and effort. Practicing speaking in an American accent with other cultural groups can be a great resource when paired with your own online pronunciation classes to ensure you get the most out of your invested time. With ASHA-certified online pronunciation courses promising results in as little as 12 weeks, dedicating time both by yourself online with pronunciation practice courses and speaking in person with your peers can contribute to your greatest opportunity for growth.

Immigration & Your Pronunciation: Does One Affect the Other?

perfect your American English accent with pronunciation pro certified speech pathologist

The American Dream is as much yours as anyone else’s!

The discussions on immigration reform have always existed, but with the government deficit growing, many citizens are suggesting more action from the government. Some citizens are for immigration reform, while others are against it; but either way, the current discussions often affect foreigners and immigrants living in the United States.

While unfortunate, there are currently no laws in America that consider making a decision on an applicant due to their accent a form of legal discrimination. Because of this, it’s becoming ever important for foreigners and immigrants living in the United States to improve American English pronunciation in order to be seen as an individual and not simply an immigrant. How strong of an accent you have as a foreigner and your ability to communicate in English, can impact how citizens view you and decide if you’re qualified enough to rent a property, be given a job, and be seen as reliable.

Trying to communicate clearly with others can be an overwhelming experience as a foreigner or immigrant living in America. While many individuals try to learn English by immersing themselves in the language, there can often be a variety of pronunciation and grammatical errors that get picked up when trying to learn on your own. Everything from bringing your native accent into how you speak American English to what sounds and words you stress in a sentence can cause miscommunication and hinder your opportunities for a better future and accomplishing the “American Dream.”

To learn English pronunciation correctly many immigrants are starting to work with certified Speech Pathologists in a personal one-on-one setting where they can get the help and guidance they need. Many ASHA Certified Pathologists offer online pronunciation courses, where learners can have access to worksheets, mp3 files, and a variety of other tools to help them work on their English pronunciation in their own time. Pronunciation Pro for example, offers a 12-week course to greatly improve your American English pronunciation 100% guaranteed or your money back. Working with online ASHA certified Speech Pathologists can help you be seen for more than your accent and help build your confidence to speak English confidently through strong communication skills.

If you are a foreigner or immigrant to the United States and you feel that your native accent is hindering your ability to communicate clearly in American English, working with an online Speech Pathologist can improve your pronunciation and help improve your communication skills and confidence. Learn more today about how you can be speak like an American native in just three months!

Non-Native English Speakers Publish “Voice” Magazine, Create Hope for Peers at Purdue

A zeitgeist student named Chuck Yang at the Krannert School of Management, along with 30 others, have launched a free publication especially for students who are non-native English speakers. The publication, appropriately named “Voice” will be a forum to discuss the ups and downs of learning and using English every single day, even when it is difficult or even seems impossible.

At, we meet and get to know individuals like Chuck Yang all the time—bright, young, enterprising people who are looking for solutions to reduce their accents. But for some, fitting in is hard, and many do not share their beautiful ideas and inspiring thoughts with those in the world around them because of the fear they have of how they will sound when speaking.

pronunciation pro Voice magazine launch at Krannert School of ManagementAt the launch of Voice, Yang stated, “King George VI exclaimed in Westminster, after many years of suffering and stammer, ‘I have a voice.’ Well, I share his passion tonight.”

The Krannert School of Management is part of Purdue University—where more than 4,000 Chinese students study, work, socialize, and receive their degrees. With so many thousands of non-native speakers feeling they did not have a voice, and wanting to reduce non-native accents, Voice gives them the understanding that there is an interim period where, while you’re working on your studies at school and working on reducing your accent in English, there is a place that’s safe for you to communicate your thoughts and feelings.

Further, Yang and his team, through the creation and publication of Voice are sending another message: You belong here, you are a part of this student body, you are a part of this culture, not apart from this culture.

In the fight for equal rights in this country, there is now a Voice for non-native speakers of English. We appreciate you, and your contributions to American society are as important and as insightful and inspiring as anyone else’s. Don’t be scared to speak up, even if you fear your accent in English is not good. Practice makes perfect, and you will find native English speakers along the way who will befriend you, champion you, and yes, even understand you! :)