English Pronunciation Classes for Legal Professionals

pronunciation and accent help for lawyers pronunciationpro helps reduce foreign accents in English for TOLE and TOEFL

You can read and write in English, but how will you sound in a courtroom without reducing your accent?

When studying to have a career in the legal profession, taking classes on English pronunciation should be made just as an important as a priority as the rest of the required curriculum. Working in the field as a paralegal, lawyer or court transcriptionists a significant expectation of the position is giving off a sense of trust and professionalism.

Studying to be in the legal profession as a non-native English speaker unfortunately requires many paralegals, lawyers, and court transcriptionists to dedicate more time into preparing for a life of the law than native English speakers.

Multiple studies, including one by the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology have all shown that clients are less likely to trust non-native English speaking legal representation, than those who can speak English like an American.

Even further, witnesses and jury members are less likely to trust information spoken by paralegals, lawyers and court transcriptionists if they speak with a foreign accent. Researchers believe people associate truthfulness with the ease of understanding and accents make that more difficult. The more difficult people have understanding someone, the more uncertainty there is in the listeners’ minds and uncertainty leads to a lack of trust. By improving English pronunciation, students are more likely to be seen as professional and trustworthy both in and outside the courtroom.

Luckily, gaining trust and a sense of professionalism within the courtroom is easy and convenient. Students can improve their American English pronunciation and fluency in just 12-weeks online. Starting with a free 7-day trial, legal professionals and students have access to worksheets, lessons, and videos to help students gain confidence and be heard more easily. Begin improving your English today, in your time with Pronunciation Pro!

Affordable Pronunciation Classes: Dean’s Award for Foreign Students

accent reduction and TOEFL help for college students

Use a Dean’s Award to make pronunciation and accent reduction classes affordable!

With universities relying on international students attending their campuses, now is the perfect time for international student hopefuls to apply—and the Dean’s Award makes it possible for them to pay for classes, including online pronunciation courses!

International student enrollment has grown across the nation since 2005, mostly from Asian countries. Many international students believe that American universities make a better impression on US employers than schools in their native countries, and it also helps them avoid having to pass post-university exams to legitimize their non-native diploma.

With the odds of getting into an American university favorable for international students right now, this is a great time for non-native English speakers to apply. Using the Dean’s award to afford pronunciation classes and help with accent reduction online helps to complete English fluency and improve spoken English.

Working with a Speech Pathologist specializing in accent reduction, student hopefuls can learn how to speak English like an American and perfect their English pronunciation to pass the TOEFL exam and successfully apply to learn in an American university. Once admitted, international students can use their Dean’s Award fund to work on their accent reduction online, to better their chances of landing their career after graduating.

With the funding available, now is the best time to work on English pronunciation for students especially. Pronunciation Pro offers online pronunciation courses that work with student’s busy schedules and make the content available for viewing 24/7.

Ready to learn more about how to pass the TOEFL spoken exam? No problem, Pronunciation Pro offers that too. It’s all part of what you’ll get when you sign up for your free trial today!

Learn English Pronunciation Online on Your Time From Anywhere

Improve American English accent for doctors, professors, and businessmen in the USWhen people first begin to consider that their English pronunciation could use some work, they look down many avenues before finding the best fit for them. This may mean a course at the local community college, a workshop offered by a local group, or other kinds of offerings to improve your American accent.

But in general, most people will benefit most from learning to pronounce English better with an online class. Why? There are several reasons, chief among these is that you can use a service like PronunciationPro.com on your own time. For example, you may have to work from nine to five if you are a professor, or you may have to work from eight p.m. until eight a.m. if you work at a hospital. Likewise, if you are a student, you may not be available when an English pronunciation class is offered in a classroom setting–you may have a scheduling conflict or a part time job before or after school that keeps you from being able to attend.

The best option for most is PronunciationPro.com, where you can sign in and take your lessons from start to finish whether it’s seven a.m. or midnight. You can take it between feeding your newborn and doing the dishes, you can take it after performing a heart surgery or teaching a class, or you can take it before breakfast to start your day with lessons in English pronunciation.

There are many PronunciationPro.com packages available for a host of needs and income types, but you’ll always get out of Pronunciation Pro whatever you put into it. If you are committed to improving your American English accent, it doesn’t matter what time of day that committment comes into play. It just matters that you are consistent, that you complete the program, and move on into cultural settings where you can both utilize and enjoy your newfound improved English accent!