English Pronunciation Classes for Legal Professionals

pronunciation and accent help for lawyers pronunciationpro helps reduce foreign accents in English for TOLE and TOEFL

You can read and write in English, but how will you sound in a courtroom without reducing your accent?

When studying to have a career in the legal profession, taking classes on English pronunciation should be made just as an important as a priority as the rest of the required curriculum. Working in the field as a paralegal, lawyer or court transcriptionists a significant expectation of the position is giving off a sense of trust and professionalism.

Studying to be in the legal profession as a non-native English speaker unfortunately requires many paralegals, lawyers, and court transcriptionists to dedicate more time into preparing for a life of the law than native English speakers.

Multiple studies, including one by the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology have all shown that clients are less likely to trust non-native English speaking legal representation, than those who can speak English like an American.

Even further, witnesses and jury members are less likely to trust information spoken by paralegals, lawyers and court transcriptionists if they speak with a foreign accent. Researchers believe people associate truthfulness with the ease of understanding and accents make that more difficult. The more difficult people have understanding someone, the more uncertainty there is in the listeners’ minds and uncertainty leads to a lack of trust. By improving English pronunciation, students are more likely to be seen as professional and trustworthy both in and outside the courtroom.

Luckily, gaining trust and a sense of professionalism within the courtroom is easy and convenient. Students can improve their American English pronunciation and fluency in just 12-weeks online. Starting with a free 7-day trial, legal professionals and students have access to worksheets, lessons, and videos to help students gain confidence and be heard more easily. Begin improving your English today, in your time with Pronunciation Pro!

Doctors without Accents Attract More Patients in the US

English pronunciation for professionalsThe New York Times noted in a 2010 article that doctors and practicing physicians had a greater inability to attract patients if they had an accent or an international degree. Although international medical school graduates make up nearly 30 percent of all primary care doctors and are required to meet the same qualifications, potential patients notice the accent and tend to choose a less-skilled senior doctor without an accent, even if their waiting room was overflowing, over being helped sooner by a doctor with an accent.

Skilled professionals who are trained to be doctors, college professors, business consultants and other careers are at a disadvantage in their job search due to having a non-American accent. Pronunciation Pro aims to help non-native English professionals achieve high quality American English pronunciation training which in turn, can help you become more confident in your job search or the career you already have.

Become competitive in your job search by working with licensed and certified Accent Reduction Specialists online through video lessons and mp3 voice recordings that can help you reduce your accent significantly in as little as 12 weeks or at your own pace.

In placing effort to reducing your accent for professional reasons, you will gain credibility, increase positive social interaction, have improved confidence, and be better able to advance your career.

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