How Reading in English Can Improve Your Spoken English Skills

learn to speak English like an American with pronunciation pro accent reduction centerRight now you are reading English and working towards improving your English skills, whether you consciously realize it or not. Reading requires using your brain in a very active way to understand what the writer is trying to say and to form an opinion on, whether you agree with the text or not. When learning English as a nonnative English speaker, reading can be a great way to learn vocabulary in context, observe “correctly structured” English, and work at your own speed while learning a subject matter that interests you. If you are working towards improving your American English communication skills, here are a few examples of how reading in English can aid in the learning process.

1. Learning Vocabulary in Context

Reading is a great way to be introduced to new words in a way that seems manageable instead of overwhelming. When reading English literature at the correct level, there will typically be around 1-4 new words per page which should be easy to understand due to reading the words in context, and will allow you to learn new words in a way that will be easier to remember due to seeing them naturally.

2. Observe “Correctly Structured” English

Often, the way that students learn American English is through using proper grammatical structure. While correct, it occasionally can come off as formal and less personable than the more common forms of language used in everyday American English. In order to gain a better understanding of formal versus informal English, and when to use either, reading can be used as a great guide as books will often use structures and expressions used in a way that will inform the reader as to whether the conversation is formal or not, and give examples of when to use each.

3. Working at Your Own Speed

There’s nothing worse than feeling overwhelmed due to receiving information quicker than you can process it. With reading, you can read as fast or slow as you’d like, and for as long as you prefer. Reading works much more in the favor of learning American English than other forms of real-world education, such as speaking or listening as it provides students the advantage of learning at their own rate in their own time.

Reading can be a great way to improve your American English and raise your confidence speaking the language. If you’re an individual who learns best when studying at your own speed in your own time, in addition to reading, websites such as can be a great way to improve your American English, and speak English like an American in as little as 12 weeks without any of the additional stresses of learning the language in more traditional formats. To improve not only your comprehension but your accent reduction as well, find out more about how you can improve your American English as

Chinese Students and Accent Reduction—What Does it Take to Get There?

accent reduction classes online for Chinese students and professionalsThe number of Chinese students attending college within the United States is on the rise but the tangible returns for college graduates still leaves much to hope for. Employers within America and China have both seen an exponential growth of Chinese college graduates searching for job placement, but many students are finding out the hard way, that paying a hefty educational investment does not guarantee a career alone.

How does accent reduction and learning how to improve American English speaking skills affect non-native speakers on a real level? Let’s discuss this issue, with special respect to Chinese students and others seeking careers after graduation who have not had the opportunity to work with a certified accent reduction trainer.

During the 2011-2012 academic year there were 194,029 Chinese students studying in the United States, representing the largest group of international students from a single country, and accounting for 25.4% of all foreign students studying in America.

Attending college at a United States institution is a costly venture for Chinese students as unlike many American students, they don’t qualify for in-state tuition breaks, financial aid, or scholarships—forcing many Chinese families to pay the full tuition, which can range around an average of $200,000 for four years of university education.

For Chinese students that are accustomed to excessive memorization and frequent testing, the American system of more liberal arts can be surprising, with many students limiting themselves to Chinese Clubs and staying in to study, not maximizing their college experience that extends outside of the classroom. Teachers and native students reaching out to non-native speakers is of invaluable worth to these Chinese students who want to reduce a foreign accent in English but just don’t know how or where to find the opportunities to do so. offers inexpensive ways for Chinese students and others to improve accents in American English in just 12 weeks. And there’s also special programs just for those needing help to pass the spoken portion of the TOEFL test!

Learn English Pronunciation Online on Your Time From Anywhere

Improve American English accent for doctors, professors, and businessmen in the USWhen people first begin to consider that their English pronunciation could use some work, they look down many avenues before finding the best fit for them. This may mean a course at the local community college, a workshop offered by a local group, or other kinds of offerings to improve your American accent.

But in general, most people will benefit most from learning to pronounce English better with an online class. Why? There are several reasons, chief among these is that you can use a service like on your own time. For example, you may have to work from nine to five if you are a professor, or you may have to work from eight p.m. until eight a.m. if you work at a hospital. Likewise, if you are a student, you may not be available when an English pronunciation class is offered in a classroom setting–you may have a scheduling conflict or a part time job before or after school that keeps you from being able to attend.

The best option for most is, where you can sign in and take your lessons from start to finish whether it’s seven a.m. or midnight. You can take it between feeding your newborn and doing the dishes, you can take it after performing a heart surgery or teaching a class, or you can take it before breakfast to start your day with lessons in English pronunciation.

There are many packages available for a host of needs and income types, but you’ll always get out of Pronunciation Pro whatever you put into it. If you are committed to improving your American English accent, it doesn’t matter what time of day that committment comes into play. It just matters that you are consistent, that you complete the program, and move on into cultural settings where you can both utilize and enjoy your newfound improved English accent!