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Americans with pronunciation problems and accent reduction for AmericansThroughout the United States, American English varies from one part of the country to another. Many citizens who speak English as their first language have learned to pronounce words and phrases based on how their families and friends talk, rather than from teachers and books. Mispronouncing words based on heavily accented regional diction can cause static in communication, and while every region in the United States has a dialect, how you speak can affect how people perceive you.

Depending on what region you’re from in America, fellow citizens may assert that people in other parts of the country speak with a drawl or twang or that in some places the residents may speak too fast; in others, slowly. Unfortunately, differences in pronunciation have contributed to widely held stereotypes, for instance, that Southerners are friendly but perhaps not as intelligent as Northerners, and that Northerners may be more rude.

For professionals who want to break free of regional diction stereotypes, taking pronunciation classes can help increase confidence and be seen more as an individual, and less as a stereotype.

Online pronunciation classes are becoming highly sought-after with one in five people working on accent reduction in order to sound more sophisticated at a job interview or to be considered more professional by clients. Within the competitive job market, individuals from Texas, Boston, and New York are most likely to work on accent reduction in order to break free of regional stereotypes, specifically for phone interviews. In a study of 1,000 adults by Trulawn found that eight percent of Britons have worked on accent reduction in order to sound more posh, while many of the well heeled in politics and law have adapted their current dialect in order to appear more ‘of the people.’

While the motives are many and varied, taking online accent reduction classes can help users speak with more confidence and come off more clearly and trustworthy to others. Stop being boxed in as a stereotype of where you’re from, and start being seen for the unique person that you are. Start reaching for your full potential today!

English Pronunciation Classes for Legal Professionals

pronunciation and accent help for lawyers pronunciationpro helps reduce foreign accents in English for TOLE and TOEFL

You can read and write in English, but how will you sound in a courtroom without reducing your accent?

When studying to have a career in the legal profession, taking classes on English pronunciation should be made just as an important as a priority as the rest of the required curriculum. Working in the field as a paralegal, lawyer or court transcriptionists a significant expectation of the position is giving off a sense of trust and professionalism.

Studying to be in the legal profession as a non-native English speaker unfortunately requires many paralegals, lawyers, and court transcriptionists to dedicate more time into preparing for a life of the law than native English speakers.

Multiple studies, including one by the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology have all shown that clients are less likely to trust non-native English speaking legal representation, than those who can speak English like an American.

Even further, witnesses and jury members are less likely to trust information spoken by paralegals, lawyers and court transcriptionists if they speak with a foreign accent. Researchers believe people associate truthfulness with the ease of understanding and accents make that more difficult. The more difficult people have understanding someone, the more uncertainty there is in the listeners’ minds and uncertainty leads to a lack of trust. By improving English pronunciation, students are more likely to be seen as professional and trustworthy both in and outside the courtroom.

Luckily, gaining trust and a sense of professionalism within the courtroom is easy and convenient. Students can improve their American English pronunciation and fluency in just 12-weeks online. Starting with a free 7-day trial, legal professionals and students have access to worksheets, lessons, and videos to help students gain confidence and be heard more easily. Begin improving your English today, in your time with Pronunciation Pro!

Correct Word Stress in American English Pronunciation: Join the Webinar on Thursday 8am MST

correct word stress in English pronunciation pro webinar

Pronunciation Pro Webinar: Correct Word Stress in English

Just as you know where to stress a word in your native language without any guidance or help from the time you begin to speak, so do native American English speakers with their American accents. True, a Texan may say something differently than a New Yorker, but where stress is placed on a word is generally the same across the United States.

Correct Word Stress in American English Pronunciation is likely the most important thing you will take away from any accent reduction course online or elsewhere. It is literally what makes your spoken English intelligible, and what will keep you from having to repeat yourself.

For example, when you are speaking with correct word stress in American English, you will begin to naturally use the American phonetic system rather than the system from your native language. Take the word “table” in English. Someone from Cuba, trying to pronounce this word for the first time would likely pronounce it “ta-blay.” For the word “orange” the same Cuban trying for the first time would likely pronounce the word “or-an-hay.” This is simply because even though we know intellectually that we are learning a new language, the stress and pronunciation from our first learned language follow us into this pursuit.

The good news is that it’s only a matter of kicking the habit, and doing so generally only means practicing until your brain gets the message. But having a tool to help reduce your accent and a method for learning correct word stress in English is certainly something that will make your journey to proper English pronunciation a faster and less stressful one.

Join Pronunciation Pro for a webinar all about Correct Word Stress in American English Pronunciation at 8AM Mountain Standard Time this Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013. You can sign up by clicking here or visiting the Pronunciation Pro Facebook page anytime. If you miss the time and date, inbox our Facebook page for details on other FREE pronunciation help and accent reduction class free trials from Pronunciation Pro.

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learn english pronunciation onlineWelcome to the Pronunciation Pro supplemental blog! This informational site will contain a number of tools, videos, and connections to our other online sources to help you on your journey through learning American English pronunciation. Everything from video posts, guest posts about learning English as a second language, answers to questions you’ve asked on Facebook and Twitter, and so much more. We will talk about English pronunciation and how to speak English with an American accent.

A little about Pronunciation Pro: Our founder and principal, Annie Ruden, is a licensed Speech and Language Pathologist with a Masters degree in Communication Sciences. Over the years Annie has specialized in teaching English pronunciation and the American accent, and has crafted her own workable, efficient, and unique ways to teach people how to use the correct sounds and rhythm of English.

Annie has been teaching English Pronunciation since 2007, and has helped people from all over the world learn how to speak English clearly and with confidence. This has opened doors to people that would have otherwise been closed, allowing them to get jobs, progress in their careers, and have more confidence as they socialize with native English speakers.

Annie knows that people come to the US with great ambition and hope for the future, but oftentimes, upon arriving, they often feel lonely, experience extreme culture shock, and struggle to communicate—PronunciationPro ends these complications by allowing ESL speakers the chance to learn to speak with an American accent quickly, affordably, and easily through time-tested online methods.

No matter how much English grammar and vocabulary you know, it’s tough to make things work if your pronunciation makes your English difficult or impossible for others to understand. If you’re tired of constantly being misunderstood, being asked to repeat yourself, and you’re frustrated with being limited by your pronunciation, you’ve come to the right place for help!

This blog will provide information and support to teach and train you in the areas of pronunciation training online and so much more. Please feel free to ask questions and let us know what you’d like to learn as it relates to speaking English and understanding American culture. So much of American culture comes through in the way we communicate—you cannot experience the full breadth of either without having both.

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