Immigration & Your Pronunciation: Does One Affect the Other?

perfect your American English accent with pronunciation pro certified speech pathologist

The American Dream is as much yours as anyone else’s!

The discussions on immigration reform have always existed, but with the government deficit growing, many citizens are suggesting more action from the government. Some citizens are for immigration reform, while others are against it; but either way, the current discussions often affect foreigners and immigrants living in the United States.

While unfortunate, there are currently no laws in America that consider making a decision on an applicant due to their accent a form of legal discrimination. Because of this, it’s becoming ever important for foreigners and immigrants living in the United States to improve American English pronunciation in order to be seen as an individual and not simply an immigrant. How strong of an accent you have as a foreigner and your ability to communicate in English, can impact how citizens view you and decide if you’re qualified enough to rent a property, be given a job, and be seen as reliable.

Trying to communicate clearly with others can be an overwhelming experience as a foreigner or immigrant living in America. While many individuals try to learn English by immersing themselves in the language, there can often be a variety of pronunciation and grammatical errors that get picked up when trying to learn on your own. Everything from bringing your native accent into how you speak American English to what sounds and words you stress in a sentence can cause miscommunication and hinder your opportunities for a better future and accomplishing the “American Dream.”

To learn English pronunciation correctly many immigrants are starting to work with certified Speech Pathologists in a personal one-on-one setting where they can get the help and guidance they need. Many ASHA Certified Pathologists offer online pronunciation courses, where learners can have access to worksheets, mp3 files, and a variety of other tools to help them work on their English pronunciation in their own time. Pronunciation Pro for example, offers a 12-week course to greatly improve your American English pronunciation 100% guaranteed or your money back. Working with online ASHA certified Speech Pathologists can help you be seen for more than your accent and help build your confidence to speak English confidently through strong communication skills.

If you are a foreigner or immigrant to the United States and you feel that your native accent is hindering your ability to communicate clearly in American English, working with an online Speech Pathologist can improve your pronunciation and help improve your communication skills and confidence. Learn more today about how you can be speak like an American native in just three months!

Why American Socialization is Important to Accent Reduction and English Pronunciation

English pronunciation and accent reduction helped by socializing and pronunciationproBy being around a diverse group of other college attendees, Chinese students are able to pick up on American socialization, learn how to reduce non-native accents, and perfect their American English speaking skills. Ken Chen, a partner at L.E.K.’s Shanghai office in charge of recruiting states, “We hire Chinese students from the U.S. because their English is better, and what I want out of it is a more mature person who is better socially.”

Students that don’t participate in classroom discussions, or socialize on the weekend, are less likely to improve American English accent, and therefore leave room for communication shortcomings, and more tragically, prevent college graduates from obtaining a career right away, despite their diploma—all due to something that is easily fixable with accent reduction courses and interaction with others.

University of North Carolina communications graduate Jocelyn Jia admits, “If you just come to America to study and only hang out with Chinese people, all you bring with you back to China is the diploma, it’s a piece of paper, that’s it.”

For students where Integration is not as easy as it seems, working on accent reduction can be done online with trained pronunciation professionals, to help where socializing outside of the classroom does not. Since strong communication skills in English are the number one desirable trait among employers, improving one’s ability to speak English fluently is a powerful and necessary trait that goes perfectly with an American university degree.