English Pronunciation and Accent Reduction: What We Can Learn From My Fair Lady!

improve your American English accent with pronunciation pro My Fair LadyThere’s a lot to be learned about English pronunciation and accent reduction from the fair lady, Eliza Doolittle, and her accent reduction coach Professor Henry Higgins.

As the story goes, Higgins makes a bet with his buddy, Colonel Pickering that he can turn the unwitting street urchin, Eliza, into a high society socialite in a mere six months time. He works tirelessly with Eliza to reduce her cockney accent to make her sound like a proper lady of the times, and in the end, he is a smash success, and wins his bet with Pickering.

At PronunciationPro.com, speech pathologist and accent reduction coach Annie Ruden offers to non-native English speakers the same kind of English pronunciation help—but Ruden gets it done in HALF the time it took Henry Higgins!

How is this possible? How can you begin to speak English like an American in just 12 weeks? Well, our old friend Higgins and his protegé Eliza didn’t have access to the Internet, and they surely weren’t able to interface using MP3 recordings, live webinar training, and live feedback from a certified American English trainer based on unique recordings from each student. Perhaps if Higgins had this kind of access, he would have taken up English pronunciation training as his full-time job!

But the essentials of Professor Higgins’ approach is not unlike what Pronunciation Pro uses today: the use of intonation training, working on the rhythm of spoken English, phonetics, and other accent reduction exercises are what made Professor Higgins successful, and this is exactly the framework that Pronunciation Pro uses as well—but with the added benefit of taking less time, working at your own pace on your free time, and at an unbeatable price that begins with a 7-day free trial.

Interested in reducing your accent in spoken English? Check out PronunciationPro.com’s $19 monthly subscription and read through the FAQs and testimonials to see how you too can enjoy the benefits of a 50-75% reduction in your foreign accent in English. It’s simple, builds confidence, and you’ll do it in half the time Eliza Doolittle did!

Non-Native English Speakers Publish “Voice” Magazine, Create Hope for Peers at Purdue

A zeitgeist student named Chuck Yang at the Krannert School of Management, along with 30 others, have launched a free publication especially for students who are non-native English speakers. The publication, appropriately named “Voice” will be a forum to discuss the ups and downs of learning and using English every single day, even when it is difficult or even seems impossible.

At PronunciationPro.com, we meet and get to know individuals like Chuck Yang all the time—bright, young, enterprising people who are looking for solutions to reduce their accents. But for some, fitting in is hard, and many do not share their beautiful ideas and inspiring thoughts with those in the world around them because of the fear they have of how they will sound when speaking.

pronunciation pro Voice magazine launch at Krannert School of ManagementAt the launch of Voice, Yang stated, “King George VI exclaimed in Westminster, after many years of suffering and stammer, ‘I have a voice.’ Well, I share his passion tonight.”

The Krannert School of Management is part of Purdue University—where more than 4,000 Chinese students study, work, socialize, and receive their degrees. With so many thousands of non-native speakers feeling they did not have a voice, and wanting to reduce non-native accents, Voice gives them the understanding that there is an interim period where, while you’re working on your studies at school and working on reducing your accent in English, there is a place that’s safe for you to communicate your thoughts and feelings.

Further, Yang and his team, through the creation and publication of Voice are sending another message: You belong here, you are a part of this student body, you are a part of this culture, not apart from this culture.

In the fight for equal rights in this country, there is now a Voice for non-native speakers of English. We appreciate you, and your contributions to American society are as important and as insightful and inspiring as anyone else’s. Don’t be scared to speak up, even if you fear your accent in English is not good. Practice makes perfect, and you will find native English speakers along the way who will befriend you, champion you, and yes, even understand you! :)

Learning English Pronunciation Online: It’s All About Organization

learn the American English accent

The English language becomes much less overwhelming when the rules are organized!

Have you ever noticed when putting the dishes away in your house, every other person who put the dishes away before you did it differently? And wouldn’t it be nice if everyone would adhere to the same “system” of cups in this cupboard, dishes in that cupboard, silverware in this drawer, and so on?

Learning English pronunciation is similar. English is messy, kind of like a silverware drawer that’s had too many hands helping to organize it. If everyone would just agree that the coffee mugs go here, and the steak knives go there, it would be a lot easier when it came time to sit down and enjoy a meal.

The same is true for English pronunciation. If you’ve tried to learn to reduce your accent in English from another source before your found Pronunciation Pro, you might have different notions about which kind of rules and organization will work best for getting your American accent right.

Pronunciation Pro is a program that is based on all the latest best practices in accent reduction and learning the American accent for non-native speakers. So when it comes to learning how to stress certain words, or how to pronounce different words in different contexts, you’ll have a set standard of rules that you can refer to that will help you govern your own understanding and use of pronunciation in English. Think of it as a mother-in-law who ensures the dishes are put away the same way every time!

Learning to pronounce American English is difficult enough without outside sources confusing you with their own versions of the rules. That’s why Annie Ruden of Pronunciation Pro ensures that what you get when you sign up for our online English pronunciation classes are not just rules about pronunciation, but ways to organize your speech and what you’re learning so you get the most out of your English.

After all, what good are clean dishes if you can’t find them when you’re ready to eat? :)