Pronounce English Better: Record Yourself & Get Feedback

English pronunciation can be your lifesaver

Proper English pronunciation can be your lifeline at work, school. and socially.

Often, one of the biggest hindrances preventing non-native English speakers from improving on their pronunciation is not listening to what they say. Most ESL teachers and Speech Pathologists will recommend that students record themselves talking or asking a peer or professional for feedback in order to receive honest critiques.

When speaking English as a non-native English speaker, a great deal of energy is dedicated to keeping track on producing the correct language rather than monitoring the language. Because of this, many speakers don’t get to listen to themselves making pronunciation mistakes as they’re speaking.

By recording yourself talking in English, you can listen to what you’ve said afterwards, fully concentrating on your language production, and can try to find areas of improvement. By taking the time to practice recording yourself talking, you can gain increased understanding on what needs special attention and can have a benchmark for future reference to track your improvements.

It may sound strange, hearing your voice repeated back to you after recording, but this form of a pronunciation exercise is something most individuals get used to fairly quickly after listening to themselves a few times.

Working with an online Speech Pathologist can further your progress by enabling a comparison model for you to follow. One of the most powerful ways of learning correct English pronunciation is mimicking the way native speakers talk. By working with an online speech pathologist, you can work on repeating words or sentences back to your instructor until both versions are identical in pronunciation or submitting recordings of yourself talking to see if there’s anything more you can improve upon.

Pronunciation Pro offers a variety of mp3 files and worksheets to practice your English pronunciation online, in the privacy of your own home. Available 24/7, you can test out how Pronunciation Pro is beneficial to improving your English by having a free 7-day trial, or you can sign up for targeted help, by receiving a full accent assessment for $98.

Even if English isn’t your native language, you can learn how to speak English like an American and achieve accent reduction with time and effort. Find out your areas of improvement today and begin working on speaking English more clearly in a way that makes you confident both personally and professionally

DREAMers, Deported Immigrants, the Dream Act, and Educating Foreigners for Success

accent reduction center speak english like an American immigration reformThe desparity between the advantages native-born Americans and naturalized citizens is no secret, and it’s also no secret that those who are here without papers are even further disadvantaged, especially when it comes to education, wages, and the ability to climb career ladders.

But that’s changing. Perhaps much like the March on Selma, the segregation battle, and the bravery of Rosa Parks, people on both sides of the literal and figurative fences are rising up, taking to the streets, and making it known that they want immigration reform. They want it for their friends, for their family, for their coworkers, and for themselves.

According to Ted Hesson of ABCNews, “The Senate bill would allow previously deported spouses, children and parents of permanent residents and citizens to apply for a provisional immigration status. The same would go for some young immigrants, aka DREAMers, who lived in the U.S. but have since been removed or voluntarily left the country.”

With this kind of thought and fire behind the movement, it won’t much matter what the House of Representatives does with their upcoming vote—eventually, immigration and how we look at immigration, immigrants, and the inalienable right to education for everyone in the US. What’s most important now is what immigrants will do with their legal right to be in the US once they have it. And one of the most powerful ways they can leverage their freedom to stay here is to educate themselves, work on fluency in English, and perfect an accent in English while working to reduce a foreign accent in spoken English.

Being able to speak English like an American is every bit as important as any degree an immigrant from anywhere can hold. Improving English pronunciation is the key to unlocking all other forms of potential for immigrants.

For those ready to continue moving forward even in the face of those who will try to back peddle the immigration movement, being able to be heard is tantamount to every effort in this fight and in the successful days to come thereafter.

Pass the TOEFL Exam

Learn to Speak Fluent English for Professionals

Speak Clear and Confident English in 12 Weeks

How to Pass the TOEFL Exam: Prepare for the Spoken TOEFL Test

pass the TOEFL spoken English test PronunciationProFor foreign students in the US, the TOEFL iBT test is an important step towards job placement and advancement. The test is administered as at sit-down exam, or via Internet, and measures ability to use and understand English at the university level, and evaluates how well you combine listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills.

Over 27 million people have taken the TOEFL exam, including students planning to study at a higher education institution, scholarship and certification candidates, and students and workers applying for visas. Known as “The Test of English as a Foreign Language,” TOEFL was developed by the ETS that many colleges and universities in the US require ESL students to take. These people must have a passing TOEFL score before they can apply to programs.

Designed for advanced learners who are ready to prove they have the ability to live, study, or work in an English-speaking environment, knowing how to pass the TOEFL exam is important for many—and preparation is key to success.

To pass, applicants must pass the speaking portion of TOEFL, which accounts for a fourth of the total grade. There are six speaking questions: two about familiar topics, and four based on short readings and conversations. After hearing a question, individuals must provide a response, and are evaluated on delivery, language use, and topic development. Many who take the exam find the speaking portion to be challenging.

In order to score well on TOEFL speaking section, English pronunciation is important, but unfortunately, many are not aware their accents can hinder results on the exam.

With a mandatory two-month waiting period between exams, many college hopefuls only have a few opportunities to pass the TOEFL before their desired application date. Considering the $160 to $250 testing fee per exam, passing the first time is ideal.

For those who want to prepare for the TOEFL exam, English pronunciation and accent reduction courses online can help their ability to speak English clearly and have a better chance at passing. offers help online in a 12-week program that is tailored to your schedule and budget to enhance confidence while speaking English. Providing a free trial and a basic version that costs less than the price of one TOEFL exam, there are a variety of options complete with online trainings with affordable ASHA certified Speech Pathologists.

Speaking English clearly is important for the TOEFL test, for participating in classroom settings, and for job placement. Preparing before the exam with an English pronunciation expert is beneficial and can help relieve stress before the TOEFL exam. Prepare for the exam in a way that will yield results, by signing up for Pronunciation Pro.

Doctors without Accents Attract More Patients in the US

English pronunciation for professionalsThe New York Times noted in a 2010 article that doctors and practicing physicians had a greater inability to attract patients if they had an accent or an international degree. Although international medical school graduates make up nearly 30 percent of all primary care doctors and are required to meet the same qualifications, potential patients notice the accent and tend to choose a less-skilled senior doctor without an accent, even if their waiting room was overflowing, over being helped sooner by a doctor with an accent.

Skilled professionals who are trained to be doctors, college professors, business consultants and other careers are at a disadvantage in their job search due to having a non-American accent. Pronunciation Pro aims to help non-native English professionals achieve high quality American English pronunciation training which in turn, can help you become more confident in your job search or the career you already have.

Become competitive in your job search by working with licensed and certified Accent Reduction Specialists online through video lessons and mp3 voice recordings that can help you reduce your accent significantly in as little as 12 weeks or at your own pace.

In placing effort to reducing your accent for professional reasons, you will gain credibility, increase positive social interaction, have improved confidence, and be better able to advance your career.

Check out Pronunciation Pro on Facebook to interact and have your unique questions answered about pronunciation and accent reduction!

Correct Word Stress in American English Pronunciation: Join the Webinar on Thursday 8am MST

correct word stress in English pronunciation pro webinar

Pronunciation Pro Webinar: Correct Word Stress in English

Just as you know where to stress a word in your native language without any guidance or help from the time you begin to speak, so do native American English speakers with their American accents. True, a Texan may say something differently than a New Yorker, but where stress is placed on a word is generally the same across the United States.

Correct Word Stress in American English Pronunciation is likely the most important thing you will take away from any accent reduction course online or elsewhere. It is literally what makes your spoken English intelligible, and what will keep you from having to repeat yourself.

For example, when you are speaking with correct word stress in American English, you will begin to naturally use the American phonetic system rather than the system from your native language. Take the word “table” in English. Someone from Cuba, trying to pronounce this word for the first time would likely pronounce it “ta-blay.” For the word “orange” the same Cuban trying for the first time would likely pronounce the word “or-an-hay.” This is simply because even though we know intellectually that we are learning a new language, the stress and pronunciation from our first learned language follow us into this pursuit.

The good news is that it’s only a matter of kicking the habit, and doing so generally only means practicing until your brain gets the message. But having a tool to help reduce your accent and a method for learning correct word stress in English is certainly something that will make your journey to proper English pronunciation a faster and less stressful one.

Join Pronunciation Pro for a webinar all about Correct Word Stress in American English Pronunciation at 8AM Mountain Standard Time this Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013. You can sign up by clicking here or visiting the Pronunciation Pro Facebook page anytime. If you miss the time and date, inbox our Facebook page for details on other FREE pronunciation help and accent reduction class free trials from Pronunciation Pro.